Whoosh Machine: Now for Kontakt

Sonic Faction announces a new breed of plug-in for N.I. Kontakt: WHOOSH MACHINE
After years of making creative devices for Ableton, Sonic Faction has expanded to the Kontakt platform. With this move, Sonic Faction can now start to offer its inspiring tools to Kontakt users on all major DAWs. Whoosh Machine is an enigmatic FX creation tool which takes full advantage of the Kontakt Script Programming language. It’s intuitive design and high quality sounds make Whoosh Machine the “go-to” FX creation tool for all types of electronic, cinematic and experimental music.

Key Features include:
– Heads-up display” controls to dial in your sound instantly.
– Blend between various Noise, Synth and Texture sound sources.
– Creative envelope controls for perfectly executed whooshes.
– Stunning design and Wave animations to visualize your sound.
– Tons of Presets covering Transitional FX, Drones, and Atmospherics.

For a limited time Whoosh Machine Kontakt is available for FREE download.