Tricky Traps for Maschine Jam

Announcing Maschine Jam integration with Tricky Traps

The Faction has been hard at work over the past months to bring you this latest expansion for the Tricky Traps universe. Maschine Jam is Native Instrument’s latest controller made for flexible control over DAWs like Ableton Live, Fruity Loops and Bitwig. We worked closely with NI to develop a script that allows Max for Live to take over the Maschine Jam hardware and run Tricky Traps interactive MIDI sequencers and audio control devices.

With Tricky Traps and Maschine Jam integration you can now generate happy accidents and unexpected musical moments while using Ableton Live. For a limited tine you can save 20% off Tricky Traps.

Already own Tricky Traps and want to use it with Maschine Jam? Download the latest version of Tricky Traps from your account or use the Continuata Connect downloader app.

For details on how to set up Maschine Jam to use with Tricky Traps and Ableton, watch the setup video below: