Royal Dust Goes Deep with Polytek

Berlin artist Royal Dust managed to get his hands on the new Polytek about 6 weeks before it was released. As it turns out it was a match made in tech-heaven and he quickly began using Polytek in many of his productions:

“This is the kind of instrument I would use to begin a song, like the stepping stone, and would record it morphing through 30 minutes and then edit it, or to finish the sound that gives the song the final element… the polyrhytms of the rhythm section are delicious!”

Check out “Polytrench” a track made almost entirely of Polytek patterns and textures:

Royal Dust is the latest incarnation of Venezuelan-born musician, artist, composer and compadre, Miguel Toro. He now resides in Berlin where he performs and records with various artistic endeavors. As part of our growing artist collective, Royal Dust gets exclusive access to Sonic Faction instruments and in turn he helps out with sound design, product feedback and most importantly, his wicked audio tracks.

In Royal Dust’s own words:

“I would call Polytek THE SHIT, but I guess for marketing reasons it wouldn’t work…”