Major Modulator: Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD

Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD captures the power and flexibility of a modular synthesizer rack and unleashes it inside of Ableton. The collection includes 20 boutique modular devices featuring all-new analog & digital oscillators, a plethora of audio effects, mappable modulators and a Push-integrated step sequencer.

This expansive new pack brings distinct modular flavors and loads of personality to your production. Mix and match devices in any order and build your own virtual racks. Layer sounds to create expressive leads and basses that come alive. Build intricate, glitchy rhythms or drone yourself into infinity. With a collection as wide-ranging as this one, the sonic possibilities are truly endless.

Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD is designed to be intuitive from the get go. Drag and drop modules onto the Dope rack and chain effects together for instant gratification. Use the included Dope Sequencer’s Control Matrix to access any device in your rack with the touch of a button and chop up your pattern with its unique channel gating system.


Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD features:

  • Completely redesigned analog & wavetable oscillators, each with its own dedicated filter, envelope, FM and LFO section
  • All-new feedback synth and easy-FM randomizer instruments
  • Over ten boutique audio effects ranging from analog-style delays and reso-verbs to thrashing distortions and glitchy sound manglers
  • Custom modulator devices that can be mapped to any parameter in your rack
  • Step sequencer with Control Matrix for instant device navigation and tactile interaction on Push 1&2 and Launchpad Pro/Mkii


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