Launchpad Pro Sequencer Updates

All Sonic Faction step sequencers have now been updated to run on Novation Launchpad Pro and Launchpad MK2. Launchpad Pro is the flagship grid controller from Novation and is one of the best ways to compose your own patterns in full RGB color. Our interactive Synth and Drum step sequencers are included with Archetype Ableton Bundle and work with a variety of Ableton controllers, including Launchpad, APC40 and Push. Visit the Archetype Ableton page for more info on the bundle. See below the video for update info and a contest:::

UPDATES: Already own Archetype Ableton bundle and looking to update? Go to our FAQ page to read how to update to the latest version of Archetype.

CONTEST: Sonic Faction and Novation have teamed up to do a giveaway contest. Enter to win a FREE Launchpad Pro and Archetype Abelton Bundle. Visit the contest page.