FUTURISM – Hybrid Sound Pack

Introducing FUTURISM, the first in a new genre-bending, multi-format sound pack series designed to ignite your creative spark. Futurism is a collection of custom instruments, drum kits, loops and samples created for melodic beat makers and producers of futuristic bass music. Inside the pack you’ll find choice samples and loops to get you started, plus a collection of intuitive instruments that allow you to play and interact with every sound. Formats include: Ableton / Max for Live, Kontakt, Battery, Maschine Expansion and WAV.



In an endless sea of sound pack libraries, what makes Futurism different than the rest? As part of the new “Hybrid Packs” series by Sonic Faction, Futurism provides a new twist on the traditional sound pack. Offering more than just samples, loops and presets, Futurism features highly-playable instruments and drum kits that allow producers to write their own unique beats, basses, leads and chord progressions using every sound contained within the pack. By adapting all the audio content into intuitive sampler engines, Futurism transforms audio and loop content into instruments that can be tweaked and adapted to fit any composition.



Not all sounds are created equally. Futurism goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that every kick pokes through and grabs your ear, while every synth sound is shimmering and undeniable. We sample form anywhere and everywhere to bring the freshest analog keys and the funkiest found-sound percussion. Drums hits are subtly layered and processed so they punch and smack effortlessly throughout your tracks.



The included Poly Synth is the melodic essence of the pack, allowing for selection of exciting synth timbres that can be instantly run through the built-in chord generator and rhythmically wobbled with the turn of a knob. The Lead and Bass synths have exceptional sounds that can inspire melodic ideas to be manipulated with onboard filtering, envelopes, modulation and onboard FX.


3 Max for Live Instruments

5 Ableton Drum Racks

3 Kontakt Instruments

5 Battery Kits

Maschine Expansion Pack

105 Drum Hits (.WAV)

45 Audio Loops (.WAV)


FUTURISM is available now for only $20!! 

Listen to audio demos and check out the pack here: