Oscar Flores


If you’ve recently gone to the theaters or watched a movie trailer online, then chances are you’ve experienced the visceral music of Oscar Flores. The Los Angeles based composer has scored trailers for some of Hollywood’s biggest films in 2015, including The Martian, Terminator: Genisys and Jurassic World. Oscar’s compositions merge traditional orchestral music with electronic music, resulting in a hard-hitting, hybrid style. His signature sound is often achieved by adding synths for warmth or to accent orchestral tracks.

Oscar has been part of the Faction since 2014 and he regularly relies on Sonic Faction products for his distinct hybrid trailer tracks. He produces his music exclusively in Live 9, so he has gotten a lot of mileage out of our Ableton instruments. This put Oscar at the top of our list to test drive the new Archetype Kontakt Bundle. Within a week he sent us the track “Interceptor” which uses a variety of Archetype Kontakt sounds: Whoosh Machine, Sickness, Hatchet and Beatdown (along with other non-SF sounds like orchestral strings and percussion). With intensity and dynamics like this, there is no disputing that Oscar is the man when it comes to blockbuster film trailer music:

Here’s what Oscar has to say about Archetype Kontakt Bundle:

“The instruments blend incredibly well in my productions. I can find anything from pads to bass pulses, or create new rises with Whoosh Machine — or produce beats that cut through mixes like nothing else with Beatdown. Creating hybrid trailer tracks with SF instruments is a joy. The quality of the sounds truly is superb and while I definitely process and tweak sounds, Archetype’s instruments do not need a lot. The sounds are everything I look for: hard hitting, warm, rich and simply exciting. The Kontakt bundle has been incredibly intuitive and fast to use with the tabs and preset list easily accessible.”

Below are more examples of the latest major works that Oscar has been churning out. His full body of trailer work can be found on his website: www.oscarfloresmusic.com