Creative Contraptions


Tricky Traps is a collection of 16 creative contraptions spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects that are tons of fun to play. Chain devices together to trigger unexpected reactions and happy accidents – and experience a new level of customized grid control on Push, Launchpad Pro/Mk2 and Maschine Jam.


    At the heart of the Tricky Traps collection are 5 unique sequencer & MIDI effects. Each device has its own unique properties that allow you to quickly generate unexpected melodic and rhythmic moments. Draw in sequences by hand and interact with your sound in realtime, all from the Push, Launchpad Pro or Maschine Jam grid.

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    The Tricky Traps approach to audio effects is focused entirely on custom control mapping and hands-on interaction with an effect or instrument parameter. The 3 audio effects contained in this bundle provide a whole new dimension of modulation and expressive, hands-on control from Push, Launchpad Pro/MKii or Maschine Jam.

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    No MIDI sequencer collection is complete without sound sources to trigger. Tricky Traps provides simple and beautiful sounding instruments to be used in conjunction with its MIDI and audio effects. Each of the 8 instruments is stripped down to its bare essence, providing the crucial controls for that sound.

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4Play_stroke14Play: A melodic step sequencer with four simultaneous play heads, each with its own speed and direction.


IsoArp_stroke1Iso-Arp: Create pseudo-random progressions within a scale and key. Great for generating melodic soundscapes that fluctuate over time.


Radar_stroke1Radar: A rhythmic circular sequencer where each lane can run at its own speed or direction. Assign each of the four lanes to any drum rack.


Ripkord_strokeRipkord: An intelligent chord generator combined with an arpeggiator/sequencer. Assign your favorite chords to single keys, quickly build in-key chord progressions and run the chord set through an expressive arpeggiator/sequencer for transcendent melodic patterns.


Ripple_stroke1Ripple: Generate sound ripples that echo on a grid. Set up notes and repeaters to create self oscillating ripple patterns.


GridNinja_stroke1 Grid Ninja: Map eight macros to any parameter in Live and trigger momentary effects. Play your audio effects like an instrument using the Push grid or MIDI keyboard.


SeqMod_stroke1Seq-Mod: Assign this 64 step sequencer to any parameter in Live. Use the Push grid to draw in your sequence and the slider to manipulate the modulation range.


XYZed_stroke1XYZed: Inspired by modular X-Y sequencers, this unorthodox device can be assigned to any parameter in live and then fed different values and directions.


808Bass_stroke2808 Bass: 808 inspired kicks, toms, booms and subs.


AMBN_stroke2AMBN: Mellow, ambient tones made for contemplative generative sequences.


GlitchThing_stroke2Glitch Thing: Glitchy, twitchy, robotic and psychotic sound generator.


MadFM_stroke2Mad FM: Thick bass and lead tones with extreme FM modulation and sound mangling.


DirtyTalk_stroke2Dirty Talk: Gritty talking vocal synth that can morph between vowels.


Syndrum_stroke2Syndrum: Analog drums sounds recorded from a massive modular synth rack.


Trancebot_stroke2Trancebot: Deep, trancey lead sounds for epic arpeggios.


Tropix_stroke2Tropix: Pure tropical sounds of marimbas, steel drums and other melodic percussion.

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*Requires Ableton Live 9 Suite or Live 10 Suite and Max for Live 7*
Sequencers are supported on Push 1&2, Launchpad Pro/Mk2 and Maschine Jam
Mac OS X 10.10 or 10.9 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo
Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit),
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2)
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)