Beatdown Step Sequencer for

PUSH, APC40 and Launchpad:

The Beatdown comes with a custom made Max for Live patch called the Beat_Seq.  It allows users to have complete hands on control of The Beatdown with a PUSH, APC40 or Launchpad controller.  The patch allows you to draw in beat patterns, change the groove, improvise and jam out and save & recall patterns all in realtime.  But it goes much much deeper than that... To date, Beat_Seq is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use Max for Live controller mod for APC40 and Launchpad available.  Below you will find detailed descriptions of the Beat_Seq’s functionality for both devices, however we invite you to just load up the patch and start pushing buttons.

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The Beatdown includes 10 meticulously sampled kits, all included in one Ableton Live drum rack. It’s unique design allows you to mix and match sounds from each kit on the fly. The Beatdown is designed to be instantly playable as soon as you load it onto a track.  It’s thunderous kick drums and beefy snares will give you maximum impact on the dance floor.

The Beatdown

Old school flavor//New school beats


The Beatdown is designed to be playable right out of the box, but if you want to get deeper into sound design then that’s when it’s power is unleashed.  At the twist of a knob, you can manipulate each sound’s most useful parameters like pitch, decay and FX.  The tweakability of The Beatdown is unrivaled, allowing you to sculpt entirely new drum sounds.


The Beatdown includes a free Max for Live Step Sequencer for PUSH, APC40 and Launchpad. This custom device frees you from the mouse and gives you hands-on control like never before. Program beats and note velocities  with ease while saving and recalling patterns in realtime. It also features realtime looping, FX and groove manipulation for killer live performances.


  1. -High quality multi-sampled analog drum instrument.

  2. -10 different kits that can be combined in infinite combinations.

  3. -Endless tweakability, a sound designer’s dream come true.

  4. -Includes custom made Max for Live Step Sequencer for PUSH, APC40 and Launchpad.

  1. -Ableton Live 8.4 and/or Live 9.0.4 (Mac & Windows)

  2. -Max for Live 6.1 (for step sequencer use only)

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Beat_Seq key features:

- Note Sequencing up to 64 step patterns (with 4 levels of user-defined Velocity).

- Note Duration Sequencing

- Groove/Swing Manipulation

- Pattern Looper

- Global FX Triggering

- Preset and Pattern Recall

- Sequence Modulation (up to 4 parameters simultaneously).

- Multi-Device/Multi-Controller Support - Use 1 controller on multiple tracks or up to 6 controllers on multiple tracks.

APC40 Layout:

Launchpad Layout:

The Beatdown:

PUSH Layout: